The Minister of science and higher education discussed with the rector of the Mining University the return to full-time education

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Valery Falkov also answered the question about whether it is planned to shorten the summer vacation so that students could fully work off the missed practical and laboratory classes.

On Friday, January 29, Minister of Science and Higher Education Valery Falkov paid a working visit to St. Petersburg Mining University. He got acquainted with the university infrastructure and discussed with the rector Vladimir Litvinenko various issues related to the return to full-time mode.

“At the beginning of the second semester, universities will gradually begin to return to the traditional training format. Of course, much will depend on the situation, on the specifics. St. Petersburg has its own sanitary and epidemiological situation, maybe it will happen here a little later. But it will definitely happen in the near future. We agreed that the decision will be made directly by the rectors after consultation with Rospotrebnadzor specialists and heads of subjects of the Federation,” the Minister stressed.

He also estimated the possibility of postponing the start date of the summer vacations due to the fact that online education does not involve laboratory and practical exercises. That is, here young people, especially future engineers who missed a semester and a half, clearly have room to add.

“We will analyze together with the rectors whether there are systemic gaps among the students, caused by the fact that the educational process was organized in an unfamiliar for us format. If we talk about all universities, this is not on the agenda. But with regard to certain categories of students, certain areas of study, we will discuss such a possibility,” said Valery Falkov.

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The Minister also mentioned the high level of the material and technical base of the university. And said that this was one of the reasons why “applicants from all over Russia, are attracted here, to St. Petersburg Mining University, as if with a magnet.”

“If the theater begins with a coat rack, the university begins with classrooms, laboratories, canteens. The historical building makes a strong impression. One can feel a lot of hard work and effort that has been put into this building. I know from the feedback of the students that they feel very comfortable here. This is one of the leading universities that train specialists for the mineral resource industry. That is why many oil and gas companies cooperate with it,” summed up Valery Falkov.

It is worth mentioning that Mining University will be one of the first to work on a full-time basis, and on February 8, all departments of the university will return to the traditional work format. Rector Vladimir Litvinenko signed the corresponding order.