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Some 12 years have passed since Vladimir Putin’s visit to Pikalyovo, also remembered for the epic ’Give me back my pen’ moment, which happened during the meeting with Oleg Deripaska. The pressing social issues that caused Leningrad Oblast residents to block the federal highway are no longer relevant, but what if the same situation could happen again?
A joint delegation of Shashin Tatneft and Almetyevsk Oil Institute paid a working visit to Mining University.
The task of the new structure will include not only improving the competencies of existing employees of exploration companies and training young specialists, but also introducing the latest scientific achievements and advanced technologies into the industry.
Authorities in Florida last week eliminated the threat of a dam breach protecting the village of Piney Point (near Tampa) from the liquid tailings of a bankrupt and inactive chemical plant. Had things gone wrong, nearly the entire contents of the huge man-made reservoir could have spilled onto nearby homes. Forpost decided to find out if industrial waste could turn from a threat to society into an additional tool for social and economic development.
Горный университет
The 4th Russian-British Raw Materials Dialogue, which this year due to the pandemic was held in an online format on the Zoom platform, came to an end. Despite the fact that political relations between our states are “virtually dead” at the moment, the forum, on the contrary, was in high demand. After all, it has remained one of the few discussion platforms where scientists and businessmen from the two countries can exchange experiences and discuss the most promising areas of mutually beneficial cooperation.
Российско-Британский диалог
Even though the political partnership between Moscow and London has ”passed away”, the business of the two countries has declared the need to develop cooperation.
Газпром нефть
Gazprom Neft announced the completion of another commissioning stage of the delayed coking unit at the Omsk Refinery. Behind this seemingly insignificant news is a real technological breakthrough. Russia is about to start producing needle coke, which is in great demand from metallurgical companies and which used to be supplied to our plants only from abroad. Forpost decided to find out whether this project is that important for the national economy and whether one of the flagships of the oil and gas industry will be able to get back the 50 billion rubles invested in it.
Ex-ambassador of Russia to the UK talked on the pandemic’s consequences and said how to deal with them.
OPEC projected that global oil consumption would fall by around 10% to 90 million b/d in 2020. The reason: the coronavirus pandemic, which led to quarantine restrictions, and consequently reduced road traffic as well as air traffic. But that does not mean we have passed the peak of demand. Experts believe that in 2021 it will increase to 96 million barrels, and a new historical high will be recorded as early as 2022.
What will the global energy of tomorrow? What changes does the mining industry and oil and gas complex need in order to minimize the burden on ecosystems? Is it possible to achieve the goals of sustainable development proclaimed by the UN and at the same time to provide humanity with minerals? The participants of the large-scale International online forum “Advanced Engineering Competencies - the Future of the Mining Industry”, which included representatives of UNESCO, the Russian Ministry of Energy, higher educational institutions, major specialized companies and professional communities, tried to find answers to these and other questions.