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Российско-Британский сырьевой диалог
Out of the many challenges that mining industry is facing nowadays, the Dialogue’s participants placed specific attention to whittling down deficit of skilled engineers through competency assessment and development.
Российско-Британский сырьевой диалог
A delegation from the UK, who came to St. Petersburg to participate in the Russian-British Raw Materials Dialogue, aims to destroy the negative buzz surrounding Russia that builds up in the Western media.
Лондонская фондовая биржа
London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) announced the Green Economy Mark to support companies’ transition to low-carbon sustainable business models.
Over the past 20 years, the global petrochemical industry has seen steady growth - up to 7% per year. What about Russia though? Will we stand the competition with the countries as Saudi Arabia, the US and the others who invest billions of dollars in the industry?
Литвиненко и Чёрч
Russian experts of the Association were granted exclusive rights to certify specialists of extracting and processing enterprises. What is the core of the agreement?
Литвиненко и Чёрч
Thanks to this agreement, Russian public companies will manage to increase their capitalization through improving human resource capacity.
искусственный интеллект
The project has already been supported by Alexander Shokhin, the President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP).
As early as 2019, Russian mining engineers may already apply for full membership at the British Engineering Council, one of the most prestigious professional associations in the world.
Литвиненко и Григорьев
Forum participants came to Saint-Petersburg from as much as thirty countries to show their scientific developments and declare the need for cooperation between countries.
Литвиненко и Войдке
German large-scale enterprises are interested in investing in Russia, as well as they are ready to share with us high technologies. German politicians, in turn, consider the experience of partnering with our country to have been quite positive. This is the conclusion of “Forpost” upon the visit to Potsdam.