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OPEC projected that global oil consumption would fall by around 10% to 90 million b/d in 2020. The reason: the coronavirus pandemic, which led to quarantine restrictions, and consequently reduced road traffic as well as air traffic. But that does not mean we have passed the peak of demand. Experts believe that in 2021 it will increase to 96 million barrels, and a new historical high will be recorded as early as 2022.
One of the trendiest topics today in the concepts of the coming world order is alternative energy sources and, as the flagship of this trend, hydrogen energy. For the sake of making way for new types of energy carriers, Europe is even planning to impose a special tax on goods that emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere during their production. If this idea is implemented, Russian exporters will lose between 3 and 4.8 billion dollars a year. The Russian Ministry of Energy, which has prepared a roadmap for the development of hydrogen energy in Russia, is also on track.
Russian schoolchildren are taking their United State Examination (USE) in July. As before, this format of final exams has attracted a lot of criticism, and many of them are fair enough. The main complaint is that in the current conditions gaining knowledge is no longer the goal of high school students. They’re no longer ’geared’ to learning in general, but to passing the test.