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Global Sustainability

In 2015, the share of imported components in civilian aircraft construction was more than 80%. Now it has dropped to 70% for the Superjet and 30-40% for the MS-21. Will we be able to reduce it to acceptable levels?
Станция Восток в Антарктиде
In less than a month, eight scientists from St. Petersburg Mining University are planning to go to Antarctica as part of a seasonal glacial-drilling team, which also includes representatives of the AARI
The development has already received a gold medal at the prestigious International Innovation Exhibition ”HI-TECH” and is ready for introduction into production
Multidisciplinary scientific enterprise ”Geodata” handed over to St. Petersburg Mining University a unique collection of oil samples, which consists of more than 14 thousand specimens
German Academic Exchange Service DAAD officially reported that at the moment works ”in normal mode and the withdrawal of existing scholarships is out of the question.”
According to the rector of Russia’s oldest technical university, this resource cannot compete with natural gas. And all attempts to make it part of the global energy sector in the foreseeable future are doomed to failure.
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, speaking at the UN climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, announced that he would increase annual investments in climate protection from 5.3 to 6 billion euros by 2025.
Владимир Литвиненко: «Следствием политики глобального доминирования США станет сохранение высокой стоимости энергоресурсов для Европы»
The U.S. does not abandon attempts to reduce Russia’s federal budget revenues from the export of raw materials by any means. Which consequences will this have?
Very soon will start 68th season of Russian Antarctic Expedition, which will traditionally send scientists from St. Petersburg Mining University, as well as the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute to the scientific station Vostok. Last year the oldest technical university in our country sent a record number of its representatives to the White Continent, 7 people at once, four of whom had no experience of being at the polar stations before. Forpost asked them to recall their typical day in Antarctica. ”First thing in the morning, I put on my felt boots.”
Many people think that the colonial era is a thing of the past, but in fact… it is not.