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Global Sustainability

Anatoly Chubais, ex-head of RUSNANO, made a new statement concerning the future of hydrogen, the lightest chemical element.
научный центр
This year, five new research centres have been created at Russia’s oldest higher technical education institution.
The samples of bottom deposits from the Okkervil river ”suggest an ecological disaster”.
It is extremely undesirable to burn them as ordinary firewood since it is dangerous for the environment and for the health of those who get into the area where the products of combustion spread.
Russian Railways has already become interested in the new preventive trains because the problem of efficient transportation of coal, crushed rock, iron ore, and other raw materials during the winter period has not yet been fully solved.
The cost of coal in Europe passed the mark of $120 per ton, and in Asia - $130. Such high prices have not been recorded on the stock exchanges for about ten years, and experts warn: this is not the limit. The demand for the resource will continue to grow, and if the specialized companies do not increase the level of production, then the quotes will be doomed to further growth. Forpost decided to find out how the current situation correlates with the struggle for environmental protection and whether it will raise the head of the industry, which only recently was predicted to die soon.
Горный университет
RZD, alongside Mining University, are working together to implement a technology for managing wastewater residuals.
People in Russia are generally irritated at seeing fuel prices rising. There is a reason: we have a plethora of hydrocarbons, and we have learnt how to extract them on an industrial scale back in the Soviet times.
When will there be apps on our smartphones that allow us to optimize the consumption of electricity in the apartment and, as a result, save on payments? How much will the pandemic affect the global fuel and energy complex? Is the degree of wear and tear of the energy infrastructure in our country high, and what is the most effective way to modernize it? A group of Russian and French scientists gave answers to these and other questions in their research published in the highly-rated scientific journal Energy Reports.
An environmental campaign took place in St. Petersburg, during which citizens could hand in their old toothbrushes and used toothpaste tubes for recycling. Is it as environmentally beneficial as is believed?