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Global Sustainability

Orica, the world’s largest manufacturer of explosives, presented the world’s first Avatel™ mix-charging machine for unmanned horizontal tunneling in St. Petersburg. It allows to carry out drilling and blasting operations that precede the process of mining, without human intervention. Will it be the next step toward fully robotic mining and turn today’s miners into operators who control unmanned machinery from an office hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away from the mine?
газпром нефть
A test site for energy technologies may be built in Sablino. It is necessary for testing the equipment designed for drilling of oil and gas wells, as well as the development of hydrocarbon deposits. Forpost decided to find out what this project is about, whether domestic companies are interested in it, and why they decided to implement it just near St. Petersburg.
Россия и Британия
Scientists in both countries have come to the same conclusion: the United Kingdom and the Leningrad region 400 million years ago were a single unit, that is, there were no Scandinavia or seas between them. This is evidenced by red sandstones - both in Scotland and near the Luga they are identical not only in appearance but also in many of their characteristics.
The German energy agency Dena called the proposal of Russian colleagues to build a pilot plant at the Nord Stream exit point to produce the lightest gas in nature by pyrolysis of methane a “great idea.” It is planned to be used in power engineering and transport: it is known that since recently, H2 is considered in Europe as one of the tools to achieve carbon neutrality. However, according to scientists, first, it is necessary to build a test site and carefully study the entire technological chain. Otherwise, such projects may turn out to be unprofitable and unsafe.
At the end of January, the concept of so-called climate diplomacy was approved in Brussels. From now on, the European Union will not only develop green energy on its territory but also insist that the rest of the world also intensify this process. The EU plans to force Asian and African states to abandon hydrocarbons, in particular, by reducing investment in their production and processing.
Газпром нефть
Gazprom Neft announced the completion of another commissioning stage of the delayed coking unit at the Omsk Refinery. Behind this seemingly insignificant news is a real technological breakthrough. Russia is about to start producing needle coke, which is in great demand from metallurgical companies and which used to be supplied to our plants only from abroad. Forpost decided to find out whether this project is that important for the national economy and whether one of the flagships of the oil and gas industry will be able to get back the 50 billion rubles invested in it.
Leonardo DiCaprio, Natalie Portman, and about 150 other actors, politicians, and businessmen signed an open letter to Joe Biden. They said that civilization today is “on the edge of a cliff” and urged the new U.S. president to do everything possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.
Russia’s first Aframax-class medium-tonnage tanker “Vladimir Monomakh” has completed its sea trials and set sail heading for South Africa, where it is to deliver the oil loaded in its hold at the port of Nakhodka.
In the middle of last year, the European Commission published the “Hydrogen Strategy for a Climate Neutral Europe.” According to Brussels, it is the first number of the Mendeleyev table, together with renewable energy sources, that should allow the Old World to reduce to zero the carbon footprint and, as a consequence, minimize environmental pollution. Already by 2030, the generating capacity of electrolyzers built within the borders of the EU should be at least 40 gigawatts (less than 4% of the total installed capacity in 2018). The same amount is planned to be imported, including from our country.
Analysts from Goldman Sachs say that oil prices will reach $65 per barrel this year. Is it, however, a realistic scenario?