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Global Sustainability

цифровое моделирование
A digital modeling software complex began operating at St. Petersburg Mining University. This is a high-performance computing cluster, which allowed the university’s scientists to take their research to a fundamentally different level. Forpost found out what opportunities have opened up for them after the new laboratories were put into operation, and why the status of scientific organizations in the modern world largely depends on the availability of such platforms.
One of the focal points of the meeting of the Public Council of the Ministry of Energy was the statement of the rector of St. Petersburg Mining University about the need to strengthen centralized regulation of the fuel and energy complex by the Government of the Russian Federation. A number of media outlets even interpreted his words as a proposal to “create a mega-regulator” in the fuel and energy complex. Forpost reached out to Vladimir Litvinenko for comment.
Participants of this year’s ”Russian Gas” forum, which was held online, questioned the European Commission’s plans to significantly reduce the consumption of natural gas by the EU energy complex. Brussels considers giving up this resource as a vital necessity in the light of the fight for carbon neutrality.
The hearing of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Court of Arbitration on the case of the fuel spill in Norilsk has been postponed once again, this time, until December 24. It is not yet clear what the verdict of the judges will be and when it will be announced, but according to Rospotrebnadzor, the damage caused to the environment as a result of this accident amounts to 148 billion rubles.
Sergei Serdyukov, the former technical director of Nord Stream 2, believes that the main obstacle to Russia’s progressive development is the lack of quality managers, those who can take responsibility for making important strategic decisions and avoid making mistakes when putting them into practice. Is this really the case? How can we make serious top managers of promising young people with leadership skills? Forpost publishes excerpts from Sergey Serdyukov’s commencement lecture “Management as the main problem of the 21st century”, which he delivered in St. Petersburg, at the ”Young Leaders of Science-2020” forum.
Can the first element of the Mendeleyev table become a global energy resource and displace fossil fuels from the market? Leading politicians, scientists and representatives of big business shared their opinion on this issue.
According to surveys, only 15% of Russians are ready to obtain additional competencies after graduation. The rest believe that knowledge and skills should be replenished only in case of emergency, for example, when applying for a new job or promotion. At the same time, the pace of technological progress today is so high that, according to most analysts, only those who study throughout their lives can count on a successful career. And they would do that absolutely consciously, on a voluntary basis, and not “under constraint.”
An energetic discussion is going on in Western mass media regarding the future fate of the Nord Stream 2 trans-Baltic pipeline, which was supposed to provide the EU with an additional 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually. The controversy accompanied the project from the very beginning and recently it flared up with a new vigor after the German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the results of a toxicological examination, allegedly carried out in the Bundeswehr secret laboratories.
A regular meeting of the Organising Committee of the Russian-German Raw Materials Dialogue, which was held this time online, was dedicated to the use of hydrogen as an energy source. What is the outlook for it?
Russia is aiming to develop hydrogen energetics. Rosatom proposed an initiative to establish a new export-oriented industry by 2024, but does the country need it?