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One of the most desirable gifts for March 8 is jewelry, because as the song goes, ”diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. However, there are a lot of stones that are not inferior to them in beauty, and a few of them are even superior. One example is tourmaline, which at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries was the most popular ”women’s” gemstone in China.
In August 1941 in Yelabuga, Russia; the life of Marina Tsvetaeva was cut short. Her biography and poems are well known to her admirers, but few know about the poet’s talisman, which became fatal for her… I wear his ring with a challenge. - Yes, in Eternity - wife, not on paper. - His excessively narrow face Like a sword. His mouth is silent, corners down, His eyebrows are painfully great. In his face tragically mingle Two ancient bloods.
Yes, you read correctly. Not credit, creedite. If you type the word ”creedite” into the Internet, the search engine will immediately bring up lists of banks offering various loan programs, assuming that you need money, and assuming also that you just misspelled the word. But no, creedite is a word indeed: Creedite is a rock that American mining engineers Larsen and Welsh stumbled upon absolutely by accident in 1916. The find was made near the town of Creede, which at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries was known as one of the most crime-ridden towns in America…
Делегация ЮНЕСКО в Горном университете
St. Petersburg Mining University will host the UNESCO World Heritage Young Professionals Forum. The event will be held in person from June 12 to 20, 2022, and will be a prologue to the 45th-anniversary session of the Committee on Cultural Heritage, which will be hosted by Kazan.
горный музей
Amongst St. Petersburg Mining Museum exhibits, there is a unique 18th-century box. Its history is intertwined with both the Italian Medici family and the royal dynasty of the Russian Empire.
горный музей выставка
An exhibition of the Urban Sketchers international community of artists began its work at the Mining Museum in St. Petersburg. The exhibition presents paintings in the technique of rapid drawing, depicting the interiors and exhibits of one of the largest natural science museums in the world.
Pictures of historical exhibits from the Mining Museum will be included in the catalogue commemorating the 300th anniversary of the petroleum industry in Russia.
In The Tale of Tsar Saltan, Alexander Pushkin wrote about a squirrel cracking wondrous nuts. It is not by chance that the gemstones appeared in the fairy tale. In August 1931, when Pushkin finalised his poem, Saint Petersburg had been already taken over by the ’emerald fever’.
горный музей
St. Petersburg Mining Museum’s researchers have recreated the look of rare 19th-century fluorite vases. …Matthew Boulton, an English manufacturer, was one of the first in Europe to start making decorative items from fluorite, a rare naturally occurring mineral. In late-18th-century Birmingham, his factory produced such art objects as candelabra, bowls, potpourri vases. They were not made by hand, though. The workers carved them using machines powered by a steam engine.
Всем здравствуйте! Может кто знает что-нибудь о биографии Черткова Анатолия Филатовича? Он был маркшейдером, учавствовал в строительстве тоннеля секретного под Амуром в 1937 году.  Очень нужна информация ,спасибо!
To get an idea of how Earth looked like in the distant past, one just has to look attentively at today’s living creatures. Some ancient animals still resemble their progenitors. Some organisms are no longer found. The others have survived without losing their original form.