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Global Sustainability

По производственным и финансовым результатам мировых золотодобывающих компаний в уходящем 2022 году можно судить о том, что общий объём реализации драгоценного металла, как и выручка, сократились
What actions should the government take in order to overcome the economic downturn and achieve sustainable GDP growth?
Another climate summit was held in Egypt, at the end of which many participants expressed their disappointment with the destructive position of the ”rich countries.” Why?
Specialists from St Petersburg Mining University have started building a model of the first well at the Sablino training and research site, where domestic oil and gas equipment is to be tested
This autumn people continued to die in mines and mines around the world. Some of the tragedies were caused by non-compliance with safety rules, while others were caused by rockbursts. Forpost decided to find out whether scientists can predict and prevent such cataclysms.
In 2015, the share of imported components in civilian aircraft construction was more than 80%. Now it has dropped to 70% for the Superjet and 30-40% for the MS-21. Will we be able to reduce it to acceptable levels?
Станция Восток в Антарктиде
In less than a month, eight scientists from St. Petersburg Mining University are planning to go to Antarctica as part of a seasonal glacial-drilling team, which also includes representatives of the AARI
The development has already received a gold medal at the prestigious International Innovation Exhibition ”HI-TECH” and is ready for introduction into production
Multidisciplinary scientific enterprise ”Geodata” handed over to St. Petersburg Mining University a unique collection of oil samples, which consists of more than 14 thousand specimens
German Academic Exchange Service DAAD officially reported that at the moment works ”in normal mode and the withdrawal of existing scholarships is out of the question.”