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Researchers at the Colorado School of Mines - considered the best university in the world for the quality of mining training - have identified a paradox that threatens the sustainability of the entire human race. On the one hand, our civilization is consuming more and more resources. Moreover, the energy transition, that is, the massive adoption of renewable energy on a global scale, is only increasing the demand for many different metals.
The Rector of St. Petersburg Mining University Vladimir Litvinenko’s speech at the International Forum ”Nature Management and Conservation of the World Natural Heritage”, dedicated to the need to strengthen the role of the state in the regulation of the mineral resource complex, caused a wide public response. Scientists, politicians and heads of specialized companies are unanimous in their assessments: the government must develop a transparent and effective strategy for managing the extraction and processing of resources.
Is it possible to find a balance between field exploitation and environmental protection?
The collective West’s decision to impose a ceiling on the world price of Russian oil transported by sea has provoked extremely contradictory reactions in Western countries themselves
Specialists from St Petersburg Mining University have started building a model of the first well at the Sablino training and research site, where domestic oil and gas equipment is to be tested
How long will mankind be able to mine gold, given that its content in the ore is rapidly decreasing?
Multidisciplinary scientific enterprise ”Geodata” handed over to St. Petersburg Mining University a unique collection of oil samples, which consists of more than 14 thousand specimens
Vladimir Litvinenko, a leading expert in the field of the fuel and energy complex and rector of the St. Petersburg Mining University, commented on the position of the Federal Republic of Germany on Nord Stream-2.
The lecture by the Rector of the St. Petersburg Mining University was one of the highlights of the 9th International Conference on Energy, Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development (ERESD 2022), which was held in the People’s Republic of China.
From the point of view of a naturalist in the field of minerals, I can point out that there is a misconception in society regarding the understanding of the role of the state in the uncertainties of today’s economy. That is, the belief that the government, under difficult geopolitical conditions, will not look for ”ideal” options for the development of the economy, but will be guided by the fact that it should play the leading role in a mobilising economy, where the importance of government is predominant.