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The Empress Catherine II St. Petersburg Mining University continues to implement a pilot project to improve the system of personnel training for the national economy. One of its characteristic features is the enrollment of students exclusively in the specialties of basic higher education with a study period of 5.5 years. In other words, bachelor’s degree is no longer included in the university curricula.
Russia’s oldest technical university became the first higher education institution in our country to launch a pilot project to improve the higher education system, which was initiated by President Vladimir Putin. The main goal of the curriculum transformation is to move away from graduating bachelors and focus on training young specialists who are in high demand in the real sector of the national economy.
More than 90% of first-year students of the Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University who were enrolled in bachelor’s degree programmes took advantage of the offer to transfer to 5.5-year specialisation programmes. This became possible due to the participation of the first technical university of Russia in the pilot project to improve the system of domestic higher education, which was initiated by President Vladimir Putin.
The Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University is celebrating its 250th anniversary. On the eve of this event, the British rating agency Times Higher Education (THE) included it in the top 100 best higher education institutions in the world in terms of financial income from the implementation of its research activities in production per employee. This is a clear indication that the university lives not so much on budgetary allocations as on independently earned funds.
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The Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University is celebrating its 250th anniversary. Today, Russia’s first institution of higher technical education is not only a forge of personnel for companies in the mineral resources sector, but also one of the country’s largest scientific clusters. There are 8 major structural subdivisions engaged in both applied and fundamental research in a wide range of areas, from reducing the anthropogenic impact on the environment to producing unique high-margin end-use products.
Горный университет
On Wednesday, 1 November, St. Petersburg Mining University will celebrate a significant date - 250 years since its foundation. Despite its advanced age, Russia’s first technical university is a modern institution of higher education that has introduced many advanced technologies, including augmented and virtual reality. Thanks to their availability, future oilfield workers or operators of automated mining equipment can get practical skills in their speciality even in their initial courses without leaving the classroom.
A new structural unit, the Department of Practical Skills and Experience, has been established at the Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University. Its mission will be to improve the efficiency of practical training and assist students in mastering programmes of additional professional competencies (APC).
Горный университет
It is no secret that in recent years or even decades, the value of a diploma of higher education has noticeably decreased. If earlier this document confirmed that its holder had received both fundamental, basic knowledge and competences necessary for further professional growth, today, in fact, it has turned into a mandatory ”certificate” for employment. If you do not have it, then the vast majority of the most interesting and promising jobs are closed for you, if you have it, you can apply for them. No more than that.
В России идёт реформа системы высшего образования, инициированная Владимиром Путиным. В том, что она назрела, уверен практически каждый житель страны, но мало кто понимает, какие конкретно преобразования должны идти в вузах
На площадке академического центра «Солнечное» Санкт-Петербургского горного университета состоялся семинар, в котором приняли участие 84 преподавателя из числа кураторов студентов первого курса