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Global Sustainability

Analysts believe that the introduction of harsh restrictive measures against Russia will have a negative impact on the entire global economy
Last summer, the European Commission made a statement about its intention to ban the sale of cars with internal combustion engines in the EU by 2035. Is this truly feasible, though?
Exactly 10 years ago, on February 5, 2012, Russian scientists from St. Petersburg Mining University and the AARI were the first in the world to penetrate the subglacial Antarctic reservoir - Lake Vostok - and take unique water samples there, isolated from the outside world for millions of years.
Czech president Miloš Zeman has criticised the European Green Deal, one of the founding documents serving as a basis for making strategic decisions in the EU
Oil prices, previously exceeding USD 85 per barrel, have fallen due to Omicron risks
Alrosa’s sales of rough and polished diamonds show impressive growth, as indicated by the figures revealed for November 2020
Experts say renewables won’t be the primary driver of reducing airborne emissions — this, instead, will be achieved by improving energy performance at industrial facilities
Titan and Mining University have joined their efforts to study diesel fuel blends, with the expected outcome being the 40–60% reduction in exhaust emissions
Some economists have stated that the US dollar will lose its status as the world’s most reliable and liquid means of exchange, with gold set to take the place of the American currency. This will happen due to the future global financial turmoil, causing, in turn, gold prices to go up sharply.
This season, the maximum number of scientists since Soviet times - 12 people, seven of whom represent St. Petersburg Mining University - will go to the Russian research station Vostok, located on the White Continent. Forpost asked the university’s rector Vladimir Litvinenko to tell what tasks the polar explorers face and explain whether the research in the coldest place on Earth can help mankind reduce its carbon footprint.