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Латинская Америка
On the 319th anniversary of the founding of the city on the Neva, a delegation of Ambassadors of Latin America came to the St. Petersburg Mining University on a working visit.
The word ”pioneer” is often used to refer to Ignaty Brod. Among his achievements are the creation of a revolutionary doctrine of oil and gas bearing basins, the organization of specialized departments in major domestic universities, and the discovery of dozens of hydrocarbon fields in the North Caucasus and Dagestan. He received the award that kept him alive for the discovery of the Archedinskoye field in Volgograd Oblast. It was from there that the first batches of gas were sent through the trunk pipeline to the war-ravaged Stalingrad. ”Forgotten” Story
What is the job of the Special Forces? Quickly and, most importantly, to effectively carry out operations ”with little blood on foreign territory”. Palladium is capable of such a blow to the gold. It is as simple as that. Only two percent of this light platinum is enough to make the ginger, stainless equivalent of human greed lose its color forever; and turn into white gold instead. And, oddly enough, this ability of element 46 of the Mendeleev Table is encoded in its name.
Diego Monterrey came to St. Petersburg to receive a higher education from the Republic of Costa Rica. He is shocked by what is happening on the world stage today, because he was born in the only neutral state in the whole Americas that decided to abolish its own army. What prospects does he see for Russian education and why is he not going to return to his homeland during this tough time?
The volcano Etna on the island of Sicily has thrown up an ash column 9 km high. The cloud covered several cities at once. At least 6 volcanoes became active in February and March, in Iceland, Ecuador, Guatemala, Indonesia as well as Russia. One has to remember the year 1816, which went down in history as ”the year without summer”.
After the US President Mr. Bush declared in 2003 that the world has entered the era of hydrogen economy, hydrogen has become a geopolitical resource for politicians to devalue the world’s hydrocarbon potential. Is this true and what could happen to the world economy with such a policy?
Фрайбергская горная академия
Our dear students have already confirmed that they don’t feel any discrimination against themselves.
Without carbon, there would be no life: we ourselves are made of carbon, what we eat is made of carbon, and pretty much everything around us is built on carbon. Although carbon dioxide, water vapor and methane absorb infrared radiation, containing the thermal energy of the sunlight and trapping it in the atmosphere, we actually know very little about the ozone layer and its actual role in the carbon cycle; and in shaping the Earth’s climate.
Джулия Крауч
On February 3, 2022, the Deputy British Ambassador to the Russian Federation Julia Crouch, paid a working visit to St. Petersburg Mining University.
June 10, 2021, marked the 90th anniversary of the birth of Boris B. Kudryashov, the legendary “Bur Burych”, a professor at Mining University. As a result of his scientific work, it became possible to drill the world’s deepest hole in the ice of Antarctica, 3769 m deep, and open the subglacial Lake Vostok, which plays an enormous role in the study of climate change in recent millennia.