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From the point of view of a naturalist in the field of minerals, I can point out that there is a misconception in society regarding the understanding of the role of the state in the uncertainties of today’s economy. That is, the belief that the government, under difficult geopolitical conditions, will not look for ”ideal” options for the development of the economy, but will be guided by the fact that it should play the leading role in a mobilising economy, where the importance of government is predominant.
Without carbon, there would be no life: we ourselves are made of carbon, what we eat is made of carbon, and pretty much everything around us is built on carbon. Although carbon dioxide, water vapor and methane absorb infrared radiation, containing the thermal energy of the sunlight and trapping it in the atmosphere, we actually know very little about the ozone layer and its actual role in the carbon cycle; and in shaping the Earth’s climate.
On 8 February, Russia celebrates Russian Science Day. Today is not so much a holiday as an occasion to talk about its prospects, and the potential of scientists engaged in fundamental and applied research. Is it fully exploited? Do young people go into science? Will they be able to ensure a generational change in the future and maintain our country’s place among the undisputed leaders in technological development?
USU Rector, Boris Kostishko, talks about school spirit, lifelong learning and an innovative approach to building a system of individual academic paths
Roman Kuchin, Rector of Yugra State University, talked about the recent scientific developments, the results of this year’s enrollment campaign, domestic and international collaborations.
Ilshat Gafurov talks about the most in-demand specialities and educational programmes, the challenge of moving from the research stage to innovation, individual educational trajectories, amongst many other things.
ректор КНИТУ
Professor Yury Kazakov, Acting Rector of KNRTU, gave an interview to Forpost Press. Amongst other questions, he talked about how, despite facing competition from other educational institutions, the university manages to rank as a top university in Tatarstan for graduate employability.
Edvard Abdullazyanov gave an interview to Forpost Press, in which he discussed the prospects of power-engineering education in Russia.
Magomed Mintsaev, Rector of Grozny University (GSOTU), shared his opinion on the most pressing problems faced by the domestic higher education system and how successfully they are solved.