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Science and technics

Горный университет
Учёные Санкт-Петербургского горного университета императрицы Екатерины II получили патент на полезную модель «Устройство для выемки волокнистого материала с боковыми режущими парами»
The transfer of knowledge that is not useful in the workplace is perhaps the main problem of higher education in Russia. It is no coincidence that Vladimir Putin’s August instruction to create a sovereign university ranking focuses attention on assessing the employability of graduates. The decree on the pilot project to improve the higher education system (dated 12.05.2023) is also primarily aimed at strengthening the integration of universities with the real economy.
Russia’s withdrawal from the Bologna process implies, first of all, raising the level of basic higher education. This is one of the goals of the pilot project involving 6 domestic universities, which was launched in May this year by the decree of President Vladimir Putin. Today’s first-year students of the St. Petersburg Mining University of Empress Catherine II will get not just an additional year and a half of study to the 4-year bachelor’s degree, but a fundamentally higher quality engineering education closer to the needs of modern production.
Горный и Китай
Rectors Vladimir Litvinenko of St. Petersburg Mining University of Empress Catherine the Great and Shirong Ge of China University of Mining Engineering and Technology (Beijing) signed a memorandum on the establishment of a joint educational institution to train personnel from both countries.
Maksim Natchuk and Matvey Vasiliev, students of St. Petersburg Mining University, have developed a prototype of mixed reality (MR) glasses, which, according to experts, have all chances to be put into production. Their main distinguishing feature is their low cost as compared with Western analogues, which increases the likelihood of mass use of this technology in the industry.
актовый зал
They will present their scientific projects to experts from leading mineral resource companies and flagship universities, dedicated to improving the efficiency of production and use of natural resources, as well as reducing the technogenic load on the environment.
New blocking compounds (crosslinkers) required for efficient operation of Kovykta gas condensate field have already passed pilot tests. Their introduction into production will make it possible to avoid problems when drilling wells, which arise due to the uncontrolled flow of brine. Salty groundwater disrupts circulation of drilling fluids, which leads to their absorption into the formation. Elimination of complications takes a lot of time and leads to decrease of production profitability.
виртуальная реальность
Italy’s Bologna is best known in the world for its waterproof cloth and the declaration of the same name with which European higher education entered the 21st century. In both cases, the initial excitement was replaced by disappointment.
All five developments of scientists of the university were awarded gold medals and diplomas of the first degree at the contest held in the framework of the XXIX International Exhibition of Innovations ”HI-TECH”
On the eve of the New Year in the Pskov region, on the territory of the special economic zone Moglino a new high-tech enterprise ”Titan-Polymer” was opened