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The main issue on the agenda of the last meeting of the Academic Council of the Empress Catherine II St. Petersburg Mining University was a report on the activities of the Gornyak sports club. Forpost decided to ask its chairman Ilya Panchenko how much importance the oldest technical university in Russia attaches to the development of physical culture and attracting students to a healthy lifestyle.
The final races of the winter season of the Winter Iron Racer 2024 city amateur rally championship took place at the St. Petersburg Autodrome. The team of the oldest technical university of Russia ”ГорныйSport+” took the first place in the team classification for the second time in a row. Its representatives have already repeatedly participated in these competitions and were almost always in the top three. During the races of the final, sixth stage, they successfully performed in several categories at once, which brought victory to the national team as a whole.
A fourth-year student Artyom Izyurov is St. Petersburg Mining University best sportsman of 2021