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Kseniia Pavlova

In the late 19th century, Russia mined 40 times more platinum than the rest of the world combined. And yet, despite the skyrocketing demand, over 80% of that was exported to Europe at a meagre cost. What did a mining engineer do to stem the flow of huge losses?
Ancient ice core recovered by SPMI, AARI and Korea-based KOPRI researchers
St. Petersburg Mining University students, undertaking double or triple degree programmes at the universities of Austria and Germany, have shed light on the format of lectures and practical classes upon the end of the Christmas holidays
An investigation into the fatal accident that occurred in the Yuzhuralzoloto’s Tsentralnaya mine last November has been completed, the Ural Department of Rostechnadzor informs
День знаний
St. Petersburg Mining University students say their alma mater is one of the top higher educational institutions in Russia
USU Rector, Boris Kostishko, talks about school spirit, lifelong learning and an innovative approach to building a system of individual academic paths
Friday, 20 Jan, is a PhD Student’s Day in Russia. What is PhD studies nowadays like?
Александр Яковенко
St. Petersburg Mining University hosted a meeting of students, graduate students, and faculty with Alexander Yakovenko, Rector of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to the UK in 2011-2019. The almost two-hour conversation on all aspects of international relations was conducted in the mode of frank dialogue.
The research team has tested the technology at one of the Russian nuclear industry enterprises
Boris Bokii is rightly considered one of the founders of mining science who propelled early-20th-century coal mining to a new level. His brother was by no means a less prominent figure. Up to date, he is often called ’the most unusual person in the history of Soviet intelligence services.’
A new material TPU scientists have come up with absorbs oil from water surfaces in less than a minute
A fourth-year student Artyom Izyurov is St. Petersburg Mining University best sportsman of 2021
The polar explorers’ task is to extract cores from a borehole above the subglacial Lake Vostok. Studying them will help gain new insights into the causes of global climate change.
When Yuri Bilibin was convincing officials that there were large reserves of placer gold in the country’s northeast, members of the commission expressed disbelief. They wanted even to re-certify him as a mining engineer. The expedition took place, nevertheless. The participants lost provisions and part of their equipment while rafting, almost dying of cold, but the nuggets they found on the banks of the Kolyma tributaries changed the whole of gold mining in Russia.
Czech president Miloš Zeman has criticised the European Green Deal, one of the founding documents serving as a basis for making strategic decisions in the EU
учёный совет
Educational work with youngsters must be improved, the university rector notes