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Valeria Quiroz

Its participants from more than 20 countries discussed the prospects for the development of the global mineral sector.
The word ”pioneer” is often used to refer to Ignaty Brod. Among his achievements are the creation of a revolutionary doctrine of oil and gas bearing basins, the organization of specialized departments in major domestic universities, and the discovery of dozens of hydrocarbon fields in the North Caucasus and Dagestan. He received the award that kept him alive for the discovery of the Archedinskoye field in Volgograd Oblast. It was from there that the first batches of gas were sent through the trunk pipeline to the war-ravaged Stalingrad. ”Forgotten” Story
Two hundred and fifty years ago a new artillery gun, the carronade, appeared in the service of the English navy. In Russia at that time there was nothing similar, and then the agents of Catherine II went to Scotland to induce its inventor to work for the benefit of a hostile state.
The Joe Biden administration is rolling out a new program to lure Russian researchers to its territory. What will happen to Russian science?
молодые учёные
Representatives of 19 countries from Europe, Asia and Africa will take part in the traditional forum ”Topical Issues Of Rational Use Of Natural Resources” OF NATURAL RESOURCES
What is the job of the Special Forces? Quickly and, most importantly, to effectively carry out operations ”with little blood on foreign territory”. Palladium is capable of such a blow to the gold. It is as simple as that. Only two percent of this light platinum is enough to make the ginger, stainless equivalent of human greed lose its color forever; and turn into white gold instead. And, oddly enough, this ability of element 46 of the Mendeleev Table is encoded in its name.
Diego Monterrey came to St. Petersburg to receive a higher education from the Republic of Costa Rica. He is shocked by what is happening on the world stage today, because he was born in the only neutral state in the whole Americas that decided to abolish its own army. What prospects does he see for Russian education and why is he not going to return to his homeland during this tough time?
This stone is often compared to an emerald, and though it looks very similar to the precious mineral, its value is hundreds of times less. Even though you can see a star inside of it.
In the Brazilian province of Minas Gerais, 300 years ago, three Portuguese criminals exiled to the local gold mines found a transparent stone at the bottom of a dried-up river. The mineral, which had a regular shape, weighed almost half a kilogram and resembled a diamond.
The greatest inventor of ancient Greece, Daedalus, who had once fled the island of Crete from the irate King Minos on homemade wings, had to pay with the life of his son Icarus for his innovative idea. No one knows how this sad story would have ended if the Greek scientist had not stapled the wings with wax.
In ancient Greek, the name of this mineral means ”being alone, living alone”. When radioactive thorium and uranium were found in its composition, the infernal name of the stone was doubly confirmed.
The Valley of Death, the hottest place on the planet, is considered the birthplace of this stone. The air temperature here reaches 57 degrees Celsius. It was in the intermountain trough in the Mojave Desert in the western United States, in California, that Colemanite was found for the first time.
The volcano Etna on the island of Sicily has thrown up an ash column 9 km high. The cloud covered several cities at once. At least 6 volcanoes became active in February and March, in Iceland, Ecuador, Guatemala, Indonesia as well as Russia. One has to remember the year 1816, which went down in history as ”the year without summer”.
Today, this stone, considered a pariah throughout the Middle Ages, is one of the most sought-after. Without it, there would be no modern electric cars… Although his price, is the one of crippled children’s lives.
Александр Яковенко
International agricultural production has been among the hardest hit by global economic instability for at least the last two years. As a result, according to stock exchange data, the annual rate of increase in wheat prices in 2021 was around 70%. By February this year, they were 49% higher than the average price level for 2017-2021. The price of maize increased by 52% over the two years and that of rapeseed by 127%.
St Petersburg is, by many reasons, the peak of the summer solstice. Regardless of what they might say, people come here not for the natural phenomenon of the White Nights (as the days are even brighter in Murmansk) but for the magic of the ”patterns of the cast-iron fences”. This, as much in Russian history, would be impossible without Alexander Pushkin, without master foundry workers and without the main component of the aerial lattices.