Forbes listed the Mining University in top 20 universities in Russia

Фото © Форпост Северо-Запад / Андрей Кучеренко

Saint-Petersburg Mining University ranked 13th best Russian universities according to Forbes. Among the highest rated are three more Saint-Petersburg’s schools: ITMO University, Saint-Petersburg State University and Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet.

The universities were evaluated based on 10 different parameters divided into three categories: quality of education, alumni qualifications and so-called “Forbes Factor” or the university’s elite status. All the relevant data was gathered from the Ministry of Education resources monitoring the efficiency of over 600 schools.

The method of calculation particularly took into account the percentage of working alumni, regional demand for them and number of entrepreneurs amongst the graduated. Moreover, the editors carefully examined biographies of over 1600 members of Forbes’ list: CEOs of private and government-owned businesses, officials and deputies. That is how Forbes evaluated school’s elite status and share of entrepreneurs amongst the alumni.

Overall, the Mining University got 44.26 points.