An agreement on international recognition of the qualification of Russian engineers has been reached

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British miners gave their colleagues from Saint-Petersburg an authority to certify specialists of mineral companies with such titles as "Professional Engineer" or "Fellow Engineer". As for today, these titles have been officially recognized in 124 countries.

The agreement was signed in London on Wednesday, October 24th, between the Mining University and The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) – the oldest and one of the most prestigious association of engineers in Western Europe. The document provides for establishing an overseas office of IOM3 on the basis of the Mining University. Likewise, it gives an exclusive right to adopt in Russia the British system of professional labour certification.

This new structure, along with the IOM3 as well, will be engaged in international accreditation of employees of the mineral companies. The accreditation will take place within the boundaries of the International Center of Competence in Mining Education, founded under the auspices of UNESCO. The right to conduct examinations is given to British experts and Russians specialists, in case they possess a granted by IOM3 right to assign the status of an engineer.

According to Vladimir Litvinenko, the Principal of Saint-Petersburg Mining University, "This agreement is very important for the Russian economy. It confirms that the International Center of Competence, which establishment has been already ratified by the deputies of the State Duma and the Federation Council, is not exactly a brand new effort. Knowledge and expertise of the former university graduates, employed at the mineral companies, will be assessed by real experts from the international professional community. The qualification of certified by our center engineers will be recognized in all the countries of the world. This is one serious advantage on the labour market for them".

Фото © Форпост Северо-Запад /

As Vladimir Litvinenko also specified, the certification will be conducted for the specialists working at the mineral or energy companies. There will be also 8 areas of assessment, such as "Oil and Gas Engineering", "Energy Engineering", "Geophysics" and a few others. For each of the areas, we already have from five to seven experts. They have been trained and authorized by the British Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and as such they have a right to hold examinations. If the examination has been administered by one of these experts, an examinee will receive a certificate indicating that its owner qualifies as a professional engineer. Providing, of course, the exam was successfully passed. The title of a professional engineer is recognized in all countries of the world.

As Bernard Rickinson, Managing Director of the IOM3, explains, "We became partners with the Mining University three years ago, and in this short time we have reached a significant progress. The signing of an agreement involving establishment of our regional body in St. Petersburg is a next logical step towards the creation of a system aiming at improving the level of knowledge and competence of engineers all around the world. The new structure will bring together mining engineers so that they can communicate on professional topics, share knowledge, develop themselves and grow professionally".