Some aspects of antifriction coatings application efficiency by means of finishing nonabrasive antifriction treatment

Записки Горного института
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Aleksandr V. Ragutkin, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Vice-Rector of Innovative Development, MIREA – Russian Technological University, Moscow, Russia;

Mikhail I. Sidorov, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Deputy Head of the Engineering Center, MIREA – Russian Technological University, Moscow, Russia;

Mikhail E. Stavrovskij, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Chief Researcher, SRI «Center for Environmental Industrial Policy», Moscow Region, Mytishchi, Russia.


The article analyzes the effectiveness of anti-friction coatings obtained by finishing anti-friction non-abrasive treatment (FANT), including processing in metal-clad technological media, in order to improve the performance of machine parts. The analysis of the application of coating technologies FANT on materials operating at elevated temperature and at high pressure, as well as with high values of energy fluxes in the environment, was carried out.

The results of the application of various compositions of cladding elements and FANT technologies for various engineering products are presented. The results of studies of the use of FANT technologies developed with the participation of the authors confirm their high efficiency for improving the wear resistance of artillery gun barrel materials. Decrease in wear ranging from two to three times compare to regular technology. Field testing of anti-friction anti-wear coatings, carried out by specialists of the FSE SRI «Geodesia», confirmed the prospects of this direction for increasing the survivability of artillery barrels.

Key words: coatings; additives; break-in; wear; resource; machine parts.

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