Mining University Introduces Separate Waste Collection

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On the territory of the three academic buildings and nine dormitories of Mining University, there are 51 bins for plastic, glass, and paper.

Petro-Vast will take the recyclables out. The contract with the company gives a guarantee that the garbage will be delivered for recycling and the bottle, box or plastic glass sent to the container will go for recycling and not end up in a common landfill.

“We have been planning to install containers for a long time because recycling is not just a tribute to fashion, but one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce the burden on the environment. We are also doing this to reduce the volume of municipal waste. In September, when the educational process begins, we will see how much in demand the containers are and whether it is worth increasing their number,” said Veronika Maltseva, head of the Department of Environmental Protection of Mining University.

She noted that the separate collection of garbage is not only an effective tool to reduce pollution but also a visual demonstration of the initial phase of the recycling cycle. Students can get acquainted with further stages of this process during practical classes at specialized enterprises.

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We will sell recyclables. If we understand that students and teachers need it, then we will think about placing new containers or start taking out waste more often. We should be able to definitely understand the demand for separate collection by the new year,” added Veronica Maltseva.

St. Petersburg Mining University is constantly working on improving the environmental culture of students. It is especially urgent in connection with the fact that most of them will spend their career working at mining and processing enterprises. And minimizing the technogenic impact on the biosphere is one of the priority tasks facing the mining industry today.

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