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All Russian high school students were invited to participate in the School Leader project

© Форпост Северо-Запад / Павел Долганов

The spring semester has begun in Russian higher education institutions. The corridors and classrooms of Russian universities are gradually beginning to fill up with young people who have returned to their alma mater after a short vacation. Many of them took advantage of the pause in classes to fly to their native lands and meet with friends and relatives. And someone even decided to combine pleasant with useful and went to the school where he used to study. Moreover, not only and not so much out of a sense of nostalgia, but, rather, in order to tell current high school students, that is, guys a year, two or three years younger than themselves, about what it is like to be a student.

For example, Ada Sukhorosova, a freshman at the Empress Catherine II St. Petersburg Mining University, immediately after Tatiana's Day flew to the Urals, to the small town of Verkhnyaya Salda, located thirty kilometers northeast of Nizhny Tagil. At secondary school No. 2, where she had recently sat at a desk, the girl told her fellow countrymen about the oldest technical university in Russia and showed a video about its infrastructure and achievements.

In addition, the student answered questions about the "School Leader" contest, the victory in which gives the right to guaranteed admission to the Mining University. She herself took part in it last summer and was truly impressed by the opportunities offered by the project. First of all, of course, it is about the nerves saved.

© из архива Ады Сухоросовой

"I am studying in the specialty "Construction of unique buildings and structures", as I originally planned. The minimum passing scores for budgetary places in this field of training in previous years were from 220 to 256, i.e. quite high. It turns out that if I had applied on a general basis, I would not be completely sure of success. I'd probably be very nervous about it. But since I applied for participation in the School Leader program, then got the necessary threshold score according to the results of the Unified State Exam and submitted the original documents to the university, I was already enrolled in Gorny a month before the end of the admission campaign," said Ada Sukhorosova.

Usually teenagers are quite skeptical of this kind of information, because it is not always and not all of them fit into the framework of standard thinking. Doubts are caused by the very fact of possibility to become a student of such prestigious university in the beginning of July, that is long before the announcement of the results of admission. And indeed: how can you be sure of it, if in a few weeks the competition for your place can increase many times over?

приемная кампания
© Форпост Северо-Запад / На фото: приёмная комиссия Санкт-Петербургского горного университета

But in fact everything is very logical. In case there are significantly more applicants with high USE scores in a certain field of study than in previous years, the university itself will pay for all five and a half years of education of the competition winners who entered this specialty from its own funds. Last August there were such cases, but most of the winners still receive education at the expense of budgetary allocations.

"I spoke in great detail about the conditions of participation in the project, explained how the mechanism of guaranteed enrollment is realized. Some of the children were sincerely interested in this opportunity, so it is possible that next fall we will see them at the Mining University," said Ada Sukhorosova.

Alina Mikheenko studies in the direction of "Engineering Ecology", she is a third-year student. Taking into account that this season of the competition is only the second, it is easy to understand that the girl did not take part in it. But she was so inspired by the idea of the project, and, most importantly, so attached to the environment created at the Mining University, both for education and recreation of young people, that she also decided to tell her fellow countrymen about it.

© из архива Алины Михеенко

"During the vacation I went to my hometown Bryansk, visited, among other things, my school - it is gymnasium No. 7. I told the 11th graders about the Mining University and the School Leader program. They took the information very positively, it was clear that they were interested in it. Of course, they asked a lot of questions, mainly about education, choice of training direction and living conditions in the dormitories. As for the bonuses provided for the winners of the competition, in addition to guaranteed admission to our university, the guys were most interested in the prospect of free daily meals and additional payments to the scholarship", - said Alina Mikheenko.

Indeed, the winners of the project receive a whole range of additional preferences. First, they can choose a room in any of the nine dormitories of the Mining University as a priority. They can either choose a studio with its own kitchen from among those located in the most modern residential complexes of the university, or stay in the best room in terms of price-quality ratio.

© Форпост Северо-Запад / Павел Долганов

Secondly, at the end of the first semester, in case of successful passing of credits and exams, young people can expect an additional monthly stipend of 5 or 10 thousand rubles, depending on their grades. And non-resident students can also get a one-time compensation for travel to their place of residence. Its maximum amount is 20 thousand rubles.

Denis Latyshev is a third-year student at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and every year he comes to his home school, which is located in the town of Lomonosov, not far from St. Petersburg (territorially part of the northern capital), to tell high school students about the prospects of entering Mining University. He is sure that for any young man or girl it is a successful choice, especially now that the university management implements such an attractive program for applicants.

"During the winter vacation I visited my school (gymnasium #426 - ed.) again, told 11th graders about how we study, how we spend our free time, what kind of class dormitories we have and, of course, about the advantages that the winners of the competition get. Of course, I urged everyone to apply to our university, then we took a walk and talked informally. Several children assured me that they are very interested in becoming our students and will definitely take part in the School Leader project and apply to Mining University," Denis Latyshev assured.

© Денис Латышев / кто-то из этих ребят в нынешнем году обязательно станет студентом Горного университета

We would like to remind you that Vladimir Litvinenko, Rector of St. Petersburg Mining University, has already signed an order to hold the School Leader 2024 competition. The number of laureates who will be given the opportunity for guaranteed enrollment this summer has been increased to 1600, i.e. it is quite realistic to become a winner of the project. There are no restrictions for participation in the project, any 11th grade student can sign a letter of intent with the university. Of course, it is absolutely free of charge.