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Diego Monterrey

Горный университет
The oldest technical university in Russia took the sixth place in the international rating of the British agency QS. On Wednesday, April 10, it became known that Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Petersburg Mining University for the eighth time in a row entered the top 20 of the World University Ranking by Subject in the direction of ”Mineral & Mining Engineering” (Mineral & Mining Engineering).This year it took the sixth place in the world, in the first half-dozen also three Australian universities, Colorado School of Mines and Canadian McGill University.
In early April, a representative delegation from St. Petersburg Mining University paid a working visit to the Republic of Zimbabwe. The main objectives of the visit were to get acquainted with the higher education system of this South African state, the state of affairs in the field of geological exploration and subsoil use, and to identify practical ways of cooperation in the format of a roadmap for the medium term.
The year 2024 has been declared the Year of the Family in Russia. This decision was made by President Vladimir Putin ”in order to preserve and protect the traditional values that underlie our state and unite all its citizens”. As is well known, many families are born while they are still students. Young people come to a new city, get acquainted, fall in love, get married and create really strong unions that are not subject to any problems and crises. However, there are many pitfalls waiting for such couples, and the first of them is the need to rent a place to live.
It is now clear that after the end of the Cold War, the world entered a global transformation. Its meaning and significance have been understood in different ways. Western elites assumed that globalization would automatically expand their sphere of control and dominance by absorbing the ”Soviet legacy,” for which they did not even have to fight. Much was not understood and we, indulging in convergence illusions, thought that we would ”integrate” into the West, which would undergo a radical positive transformation.
Литвиненко и Фальков
Last spring, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the improvement of the higher education system, the aim of which is to qualitatively improve the process of personnel training for the long-term needs of various sectors of the national economy. One of the six participants of the pilot project was the Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University, whose first-year students are already studying under the new curricula as part of the transition to basic higher engineering education.
пилотный проект
Этот процесс в прошлом году инициировал Президент России Владимир Путин.
During his address to the Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin paid special attention to the development of science and education, and emphasized the need for additional measures aimed at making ”today’s teenagers become professionals in their field, ready to work in the economy of the 21st century.”
This year, for fire safety reasons, the students did not burn the scarecrow, but, as always on the eve of Lent, they ate a whole mountain of pancakes. On Saturday, March 16, on the territory of dormitory No. 3 of Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University the traditional winter farewell took place. They were attended not only by Russians, but also by students from abroad, who were not familiar with our national customs before.
This academic year, Rossotrudnichestvo has more than doubled the quota for students from Africa to study at Russian universities, from 2,300 to 4,720 budget places. Most often, applicants who come from the sunny continent choose ”medical treatment”, engineering specialities, as well as economics and information technology as their areas of training. However, they also learn other professions.
Burema Kansai, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Republic of Mali, paid a working visit to Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University. During his meeting with Rector Vladimir Litvinenko, he discussed the prospects of bilateral cooperation, as well as partnership within the framework of the African Subsoil Consortium.
The teams of the oldest technical university of the country have repeatedly won these competitions at the All-Russian level in the past years. Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University summarized the results of the qualifying stage of the student league of the International Engineering Championship ”CASE-IN”, which is held by the Foundation ”Reliable Change”. About fifty teams took part in its five nominations, they solved problems related to the choice of optimal strategies for the development of specific industries or even sectors of the Russian economy.
And told about who will soon obtain stimulating salary increments and scholarships. On Friday, March 29, Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University held a regular meeting of the Academic Council. Dmitry Mardashov, Director of the Institute for Training of Scientific and Pedagogical Staff of the university, was the keynote speaker. He noted that the implementation of the pilot project to improve the system of higher education has had a significant impact, including on the process of training of graduate students.
For the seventh time, Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University participates in the inter-museum and university festival ”To Museum - Today, to Science - Tomorrow!”. During the week it will be visited by about 150 schoolchildren from different educational institutions of the city and region, as well as their parents and teachers.
Two projects of the university scientists took first place in their nominations, three more received silver and bronze awards. On Wednesday, March 27, Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University summed up the results of participation in XXVII International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies ”Archimedes”, which was traditionally held in Moscow. This year it gathered representatives of 28 states and 30 regions of our country, together they exhibited 570 developments in 30 different areas.
Pupils of the ninth energy class of School No. 334, which was established last year by Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University in cooperation with Lenenergo, will implement their first serious scientific developments. They touch upon such areas of knowledge as economical distribution of energy resources in households, alternative energy generation options, increasing the efficiency of insulators for high-voltage transmission lines and a number of others.
The final races of the winter season of the Winter Iron Racer 2024 city amateur rally championship took place at the St. Petersburg Autodrome. The team of the oldest technical university of Russia ”ГорныйSport+” took the first place in the team classification for the second time in a row. Its representatives have already repeatedly participated in these competitions and were almost always in the top three. During the races of the final, sixth stage, they successfully performed in several categories at once, which brought victory to the national team as a whole.