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Diego Monterrey

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The world media broke the sensational news that Washington supports the Kiev regime in connection with the presence of huge deposits of titanium in the territory of Ukraine.
Senegalite, an aqueous aluminum phosphate, is named after the country where it was first found. It happened in 1976. Senegal, independent from France since 1960, had then constitutionally enshrined a multi-party system. The most westernized country on the African continent took another step toward developing its own political culture, which naturally did not cancel out the influence of soft power from the former metropolis. One of its manifestations: the authorship of all the basic scientific materials on Senegalite belongs to the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris.
Temperatures at Vostok Research Station in Antarctica are now lower than at the North Pole, even though the southern hemisphere is known to be in the height of summer
On May 3, 1924, Soviet scientist Alexander Oparin reported to the Russian Botanical Society his theory of the origin of life on Earth. The essence of his hypothesis is the chemical transformation of non-living matter into organic matter. The so-called primary broth.
The year 1956 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Georgy Plekhanov, the Russian Marxist theorist whose works Lenin called the most important ”textbook of communism.” In honor of the anniversary, the Mining Institute in St. Petersburg was named after the revolutionary. At first glance, this seems an ordinary occurrence, but the paradoxical situation was that Plekhanov was a Menshevik and almost openly accused the Bolshevik leader of treason against his homeland. Twenty years after 1917, such figures were, as Beria put it, ”washed into camp dust.
The most popular and memorable image that appears in all the movies about the extraction of ”black gold” is the fountain gushing from the well under pressure. But few people know that in Russia there is only one field where oil is extracted in underground mines and can only be obtained by one method - preheating.
Why is a mechanical mincer made of silumin 10 times cheaper than its stainless steel counterpart? If only because the threads of the clamping screw made of this aluminum-silicon alloy can tear off after the first attempt to secure the classic kitchen appliance to the countertop.
This season, they got from the coast to the coldest place on our planet on four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles ”Burlak”
По производственным и финансовым результатам мировых золотодобывающих компаний в уходящем 2022 году можно судить о том, что общий объём реализации драгоценного металла, как и выручка, сократились
иридий 1
In economics, there is a surefire way to increase income by more than three and a half times in less than four months without doing anything. You just need to become a monopolist in the global iridium market and at the right moment suspend production.
As early as the 2nd century B.C., during the Han dynasty, the Chinese learned to drill wells several hundred meters deep to underground pools of salt solution. Salt was the most important resource in ancient times, used to store food long before refrigerators were invented. The Celestial people used bamboo stalks and an iron chisel to extract it, while the brine was brought to the surface through the same bamboo pipes and using a system of leather valves.
What actions should the government take in order to overcome the economic downturn and achieve sustainable GDP growth?
Путин и Литвиненко
He was awarded such a high award for his great services in scientific and pedagogical activities, training of qualified specialists and many years of conscientious work.
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As is well known, projects to turn the rivers southward to the Caspian Sea and the Aral Sea were widely discussed in the post-war USSR. They struck the imagination with their scale. Ordinary people imagined multi-kilometer lines of diggers or, at best, excavators. The official propaganda did not show the details: the construction of channels was supposed to intensify by means of series of directed nuclear blasts of low power.
Владимир Литвиненко
This requires that such professions as military, doctor, teacher, and scientist once again become the real elite of society. This is the opinion of Vladimir Litvinenko, rector of the St. Petersburg Mining University and Russia’s leading expert on mineral resources issues.
янтарь 1
Waiting by the sea for the weather is about amber mining. Water throws the petrified resin of ancient coniferous trees onto the shore, the more abundant the storm. There is even a special term - amber storms. The Baltic Sea is the richest in amber. It’s estimated that in the three millennia since the beginning of trade between the North and Ancient Egypt, about 125 thousand tons of this precious stone have been collected on its shores.