SPbGASU Present New Multi-Storey Building Design


Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPbGASU) has patented its newest invention — 'Prefabricated girderless multi-storey building'. The proposed structural system allows for doubling the construction speed and reducing labour costs by 20–24%, SPbGASU Press Office informs.

A unique feature of the building is that no welding work is required in the erection of the above-ground part. All system elements are connected using the original steel plates and high-strength bolts. The floor slabs of the frame-and-panel building are supported on the outer panels and posts along the inner row. Wet processes are only necessary after the main building structure has been installed.

The system has many advantages over the known technologies and is suitable for constructing residential, industrial and public buildings with a different number of storeys. Due to the ease of dismantling, the innovation can also be used to build temporary structures, the authors of the invention note.

Let us recall that Don State Technical University researchers have come up with a new fibre-based solution. Its primary use is as an additive to the cement matrix in concrete production. The research team took small-size steel, propylene and basalt fibres, combined them, and studied how the ratio of different fibre types in the obtained composition affected specific characteristics of the end product. Research results provided data on how to manufacture concrete with set parameters, which may vary depending on the application area.