Mineralogy of the Deposits Hall

Joint project of St.-Petersburg Mining museum and Forpost Nord-West.
Горный музей, зал Минералогия месторождений
Фото © Форпост Северо-Запад / Павел Долганов

The Hall exposition illustrates the links between mineral formation and various geological processes - from magmatic to supergene - through collections gathered from multiple deposits.

Among the presented exhibits are pegmatites of Murzinka, phlogopite veins of Slyudyanka, quartz deposits of the Subpolar Urals, skarn magnetite deposit in Dashkesan, and many others.

The exhibitions “Minerals of the Dalnegorsk ore field”, “Minerals of the Shkatulka deposit”, Lovozero, “Umbozersky mine” show different types of amber from various deposits.

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