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Malachite Hall

Горный музей, Малахитовый зал
© Форпост Северо-Запад / Павел Долганов

The Malachite Hall got its name because of the world's largest chunk of malachite weighing 1504 kg installed in the central arched space, which was gifted by Empress Catherine II.

This Hall is an entry point to a systematic collection of minerals structured according to the crystal-chemical principle. Minerals are sorted based on the composition - starting with native elements and ending with hydroxides.

Among the class of natives, the most notable exhibits are natural samples of gold, platinum, silver, copper. Non-metallic minerals are also widely represented, which include samples of diamond, sulfur, graphite, quartz.

One of the exhibited items is the 852 kg copper nugget, the largest of those stored in Russian museums; it is called "Bear Skin" for its characteristic appearance.

Models of the largest Russian gold nuggets remind that during the time of the Russian Empire they were kept here, in the Mining Museum.

Orthosilicate Hall

General Mineralogy Hall