Meteorite Hall

Joint project of St.-Petersburg Mining museum and Forpost Nord-West.
Горный музей, зал Метеориты
Фото © Форпост Северо-Запад / Павел Долганов

The exposition presents samples that refer to the era of the formation of planet Earth and the entire solar system from primary matter.

Thematic showcases introduce visitors to meteor showers and astroblemes, i.e. traces of cosmic impacts on the Earth's surface.

The meteorite collection consists of all the main types: stone, iron, iron-stone. Altogether there are over 800 samples, thus making the exposition one of the world's most representative ones.

Among the exhibits are the stone meteorite Borodino, which fell on the eve of the Battle of Borodino into the disposition of the Russian troops, the diamond-containing meteorite Novy Urey, a “drop” of meteorite rain weighing 450 kg.

Among the latest inputs are fragments of the Chelyabinsk meteor shower that fell on February 15, 2015.

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