Hall of Petrology

Joint project of St.-Petersburg Mining museum and Forpost Nord-West.
Горный музей, зал Петрология
Фото © Горный музей / Павел Долганов

The Hall contains systematic collections of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks from both Russia and other parts of the world. The exposition is based on the principle of genetic and chemical classification of rocks.

There are following collections on display: “Rock-forming minerals”, “Textures and structures of rocks”, “Kimberlites”, “Pegmatites”, and others.

The basis for the formation of the petrographic collection of taxonomy was laid by the samples of rocks purchased from the famous firm of Friedrich Krantz. The “Rocks from the Neighborhood of Naples” collection, which was handed over by Her Imperial Highness, Princess Elena Pavlovna in 1829, is of both scientific and historical value.

Geology of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast Hall