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Mining University graduates received prizes of the St. Petersburg Government

Горный университет

Three graduates of Mining University have become laureates of the competition for the St. Petersburg Government prizes awarded for the performance of graduation works commissioned by executive government agencies. The competition was conducted by the Committee for Science and Higher School.

Thus, Igor Serebryakov proposed a project related to mass replacement of gas stoves in apartment buildings with electric ones. He explained the urgency of this by a series of accidents caused by household gas leaks. And has brought as an example the explosion which has happened on December 31, 2018 in the nine-storey house in Magnitogorsk (then 39 people got killed).

Polina Puzyreva justified the need to create an open information system that contains the most complete data on the areas with special conditions of use of territories in which special restrictions for civil engineering are imposed. In St. Petersburg, as you know, there are many of them, so the emergence of such a service will make urban planning more efficient and effective.

Mikhail Mikhailov’s work was devoted to improving energy efficiency of the power grid complex in the conditions of internal development of St. Petersburg.

"Presently, dozens of countries and regions worldwide use 20 kV as the average voltage of distribution networks. This practice is also used in the central districts of Paris. Within the framework of the project, I estimated power losses in the cable lines of one supply center at 10 kV and 20 kV levels and concluded that the transition to 20 kV in St. Petersburg is appropriate, with an increase in voltage rating losses in the studied section of the circuit decreased by 11%,” explained Mikhail.

Altogether, 73 graduates of St. Petersburg universities became laureates of the competition for St. Petersburg Government awards in 2019/2020 academic year.