At Mining University they summed up the results of the outgoing year

Ученый совет 25122020_итоги года
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This going away year was significantly more difficult than the previous one, especially because of the coronavirus, but the university managed to improve all of its key performance indicators.

On Friday, December 25, the University's Academic Council held its final meeting of 2020. The main issue on the agenda was Rector Vladimir Litvinenko's report on the main results of the year.

Despite the difficulties associated with the coronavirus pandemic, the University has improved all its indicators, in particular on the enrollment of students, the volume of research work, publication activities, patenting, and social security of students, postgraduate students and teachers.

The rector noted that the experiment with distant admission to the first year was orderly and virtually failure-free. We can already say with certainty that this mechanism will be used in the future, regardless of the situation with epidemic restrictions.

Serious work is being done within the framework of digitalization. By the end of the academic year, each teacher at the university will have an electronic set of lectures. The materials are presented as a video presentation with voice accompaniment.

Vladimir Litvinenko dwelled on the issue of publishing the results of scientific work.

“This year we have been actively improving our publication activities. There are serious positive developments in this sphere, which is the image, the business card of the university and in science. The mechanism for planning and preparation of articles, contacting with leading publications have been developed. We pay special attention to the quality of publications,” said Litvinenko.

Moving forward is impossible without an effective performance evaluation. In 2020, there is a coherent system of indicators for the work of the structural divisions of Mining University. In general, the university is ready to submit its development strategy for participation in the Academic Leadership Program, which is currently being finalized by the RF Ministry of Education and Science together with the university community. As soon as it is approved, the university will apply for participation.

In 2020, much attention was paid to the modernization of classrooms, research centers, and laboratories, including the provision of the most modern equipment. Active construction is also underway. In 2021, the construction of a new dormitory on Vasilievsky Island will be completed, and the sports infrastructure will be expanded.