Rector of the Mining University answered students’ questions and spoke about the University’s development plans

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One of the main tasks for the near future he named increasing the share of the scientific component in the educational process.

On Saturday, December 26, Vladimir Litvinenko held an online meeting with students, postgraduate students, faculty, staff, and parents of students. Within its framework, the head of the first technical university in Russia told about the need to transform the educational process by improving the system of practical skills.

So, starting next year, all laboratory classes will be withdrawn from the schedule. Students will choose the best time for them, sign up for classes via the Internet, and do all the necessary work in individual mode. This will eliminate the situation where one person in a group conducts the research and the rest just write a report on it.

"In 2020, we spent about 300 million rubles to re-equip the teaching laboratories. Such a significant investment was needed in order to modernize the educational process in accordance with the demands of the labor market. This will definitely improve the quality of scientific knowledge students receive here", Litvinenko noted.

He drew attention to the fact that the growth of science-intensive educational process is impossible without qualified mentors who are able to motivate students to scientific activity. Training them is one of the challenges the postgraduate school is facing, 80% of whose graduates stay at the university. These are modern educators who speak English, publish articles about their research in first- or second-quartile scientific journals, and take internships abroad.

"A teacher should not only lecture, but also act as a generator of new ideas, to study progressive technologies that are applied today in the mineral resource complex. Our partners, - energy and mining companies, must understand why they are investing in the university. Because the training of personnel for the national economy is carried out here at the highest quality level," the rector stressed.

Today, postgraduate students’ remuneration at Mining University in average is over 50,000 rubles. The best of them, including subsidies for articles, foreign language commands, and grants, can earn up to 90,000 rubles a month. This becomes one of the reasons why talented young people stay at the university, do science here, and pass their knowledge to the younger generation.

Naturally, Vladimir Litvinenko did not ignore the topic of coronavirus. This year, the university spent a lot of money to ensure that all necessary preventive measures and social protection for students were provided. He allocated extra-budgetary funds for free lunches, financial aid, and additional payments to teachers for special working conditions.

“Despite the unplanned expenses, Mining University has fulfilled all its obligations for the reconstruction of the academic buildings and dormitories. This work will continue next year. We are able to finance it and we understand from which sources we will receive funds for the further development of the university,” summarized Litvinenko.

At the end, he answered students’ questions. In particular, he said that the payment of material aid in the amount of 5 thousand rubles was carried out yesterday, December 25, but in all likelihood. it will be deposited on bank accounts on Monday.

Full version of Vladimir Litvinenko's online meeting with students, postgraduate students, faculty, staff and parents of students see here: