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A new version of the “Mining” mobile app is now available for downloading

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The Center for Digital Technology at St. Petersburg Mining University has completed an improved version of its mobile application. In particular, it allows parents to keep track of their children’s progress.

The university released the first test version last May. However, the current product is much more informative and technological. Its users have the opportunity to follow the latest news of the university and its partners - the International Center for Competencies in Mining Engineering Education under the auspices of UNESCO and the Nedra Consortium of Universities - and to read scientific articles published in the Zapiski Gornogo Instituta journal.

The appendix also includes information for applicants and the schedule of classes, faculty profiles, and information about the collections of the Mining Museum. The development is no less interesting for the students’ parents. In order to keep up with their children’s academic progress, all they need to do is register and enter their child’s six-digit transcript number.

“Most of the mobile applications for universities are a schedule of classes, and after the launch they are no longer developed. The Gorny mobile app was originally conceived as an innovative, modular platform that is gradually getting new functionality. And step by step it acquires new features aimed at creating an educational and scientific environment,” explained Yuri Zhukovsky, director of the Educational and Scientific Center of Digital Technologies of St. Petersburg Mining University.

He also clarified that the university plans to further increase the functionality of the mobile application in versions 3 and 4. For example, to integrate it with a number of information systems developed last year. Among them is an electronic phone directory, a system of booking classrooms and some others.

You can download the Gorny mobile app from the links below: