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Mining University - the best participant of the all-time case-in championship

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St. Petersburg Mining University became the leader of the updated rating of the International Engineering Championship CASE-IN, compiled according to the results of student teams' performances over all seasons. The university took first place in the categories “Geological Exploration” and “Mining.” In addition, its teams ranked in the top three in “Oil and Gas” and “Electric Power.”

Starting in 2019, the Reliable Change Foundation, acting as the competition organizer, changed the scoring system in order to motivate new participants. Now, points from previous years, with the exception of the last final, are multiplied by a factor of 0.5. That is, last year’s achievements become more significant than the historical ones.

In spite of this, Mining University, one of the old-timers of the championship, managed to show impressive results. Especially convincing are its positions in one of the oldest and most prestigious sections, i.e., Mining. The first technical university in Russia scored 32.5 points over eight years of competitions in it (the first place gets 10 points, the tenth gets 1), and the next Ural State Mining University from Ekaterinburg got only 25 points. So at the end of the current season, no matter how it turned out, the St. Petersburg must keep the palm here.

In the other category “Geological Exploration,” on the contrary, the battle for the leadership in the all-time rankings is very tough. Mining University has 25 points, and he Sergo Ordzhonikidze Geological Exploration University, following it, has 24.5 points. In total, if you add up the success of the teams in all eight areas, St. Petersburg residents occupy the first two lines and in two other cases are in the top three winners. Students of Gubkin Moscow University of Oil and Gas, which is in second place in the unofficial standings, are the best in oil and gas, as well as at the end of two seasons of the Autumn Cup.

It should be noted that the CASE-IN International Engineering Championship is an international system of engineering case solving competitions for schoolchildren, students and young professionals of the fuel and energy and mineral resources complex. The project is a part of the “Russia as a Land of Opportunities” platform and is aimed at popularizing working and engineering professions. According to a number of ranking agencies, these competitions are among the top-15 Olympiads in the world.