Mining University students became finalists in the Metal Cup case championship

метал кап

The “Bremen Metallurgists” team, representing the Department of Materials Science of St. Petersburg Mining University, took third place in the semifinal stage of the cup, which was held at Peter the Great Polytechnic University. This result allowed the team to reach the final of the tournament, where the winners of all its six clusters will meet.

The Metal Cup is a team competition in solving metallurgical cases. Over three and a half thousand university and school students from 20 countries take part in it each year. As the organizers point out, the goal of the contest is to discover the most talented young people capable of guaranteeing the future sustainable development of the industry. The essence of the contest is that representatives of secondary and higher technical educational institutions present the solutions of real production tasks to the experts, and there are no correct answers.

In the semi-finals of the Severstal cluster, held at Polytechnic University, there were 15 teams. The guys were tasked to offer the company a line of products that will be in demand in the future, the production of which, on the one hand, would be profitable, and on the other - would contribute to environmental well-being. Considering that rolled steel is one of the main sources of environmental pollution, the case turned into a real puzzle.

"We proposed a modular solution for a vertical landscaping system for buildings. It can be attached to facades or steel frames. In our opinion, this is a very promising area. After all, the problem of a shortage of vegetation in large cities due to the reduction of the amount of free space is becoming more and more urgent. One way to solve it is vertical gardening, which can improve the aesthetics of buildings and make the air cleaner," said the captain of the “Bremen Metallurgist" Sergey Atamanov.

In addition to him, the team includes Anastasia Sherstneva and Irina Grechikhina. The final of the Metal Cup, in which they won the right to participate in the previous round, will be held in Yekaterinburg on May 26-29.