Mining University Opens Registration for Granit Nauki Olympiad

гранит науки
© Форпост Северо-Запад / Мария Сулимова

Its winners and prize-winners will be able to enter almost any institution of higher education without entrance examinations.

On Friday, November 26, on the official website registration for the “Granite of Science” competition began. The qualifying round will be held online and will last until February 24, after which the finalists will be invited for the final round at one of the numerous sites. They will open in different cities of Russia, from Kaliningrad to Yakutsk. One of them, naturally, will also be organized in St. Petersburg Mining University.

The best students will earn, without exaggeration, tremendous benefits, which are sure to be useful to them during the admission campaign. Winners will either be admitted to the university of their choice without entrance examinations, or get 100 points during admission instead of those, which they got on their Unified State Exam in their major subject. However, only if they pass it with at least 75 points.

“In my opinion, preparation for the Olympiad can be more useful than intensive preparation for the USE, because in this case the student automatically gets the knowledge necessary for the state exam, and at a higher level. Besides, the Olympiad gives psychological advantage: the children coming for the USE are not so much worried about its outcome, as they have successful experience of solving more difficult tasks,” said Ruslan Babkin, Director of the Center for Pre-University and Special Programs of Mining University.

He also claimed that the winners of the “Granite Science” may receive a benefit when entering high school for the next four years. This means that the applicant has valuable diplomas that have been earned since the 8th grade. At the same time, higher education institutions have the right to independently regulate this issue and, as a rule, count only the results of the last 2 years of schooling.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Science and Higher Education has assigned Level 3 to “Natural Sciences” and “Informatics” profiles, and Level 2 to “Chemistry” - to a higher level. Another profile – “Environmental science” is an innovation of this year. Its participants will be able to get additional points when entering Mining University, which initiated this Olympiad in 2014.