Mining University Representative Becomes a Winner of ’Student of the Year’ Contest

© Форпост Северо-Запад

The Committee on Science and Higher Education of St. Petersburg Administration summed up the results of the “Student of the Year” contest in the system of higher education in the city on the Neva. The winner in the “Best Organizer of Creative and Leisure Programs” category was Stanislava Lebedeva, a fourth-year student of the Faculty of Economics at Mining University. She is responsible for the cultural events of the university.

The competition took place in 12 areas, such as scientific and technical creativity, volunteer work, patriotic education, student self-government, and several others. A jury of experts has identified 36 winners who will receive scholarships from the Government of the Northern Capital during the academic year.

“For the second year in a row, we show high results in this competition and take away a well-deserved award,” says Stanislava Lebedeva (in 2020 she won in the same category - ed.). “This is a credit to the entire Gorny Students Council club, not just to me. Every year we involve more than 40% of our students in major events such as the Freshman Cup, New Year’s Ball, MusicFest, and many others. This year, in addition to the 15 large-scale events I organized at the university, I was also involved in city and all-Russian cultural projects. The scale and quality of their implementation were highly appreciated by the competition's board, which allowed me to become a laureate.

It should be noted that following the results of the CSHE selection, Stanislava became a delegate of the large-scale contest “Russian National Student of the Year 2021,” which will be held in Tomsk. It will be attended by 600 students from 71 regions. The event is a joint project of the Russian Union of Youth and the presidential platform “Russia - a country of opportunities.”