Tyumen Oblast Government Visits Mining University

Горный университет
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A delegation of the Tyumen region government, headed by the director of the department of investment policy and state support of entrepreneurship, Anton Mashukov, visited St. Petersburg Mining University with a working visit. As noted by the guests, their aim was “to study the best practices in organizing the activities of innovation centres of the world level.”

The meeting started with a visit to specialized laboratories of the Oil and Gas Faculty and Arktika Science Center. Representatives of the hosting party, in particular, told about the research in the field of well drilling, oil and gas recovery enhancement, improvement of drilling, process, and plugging fluids, with the of account their use in conditions of low temperatures of the Polar region.

“One of the directions of the regional policy of the Tyumen region is the cluster association of industrial and research enterprises. The oil and gas cluster is successfully functioning in the region, the petrochemical cluster is being actively formed. Design works on the creation of a technopark with modern laboratory equipment and test benches are in progress. In this context, acquaintance with the experience of organizing world-class innovation centers, which have been created at the Mountain University, was very important and timely for us,” summed up his visit Anton Mashukov.

As explained by the Vice-Rector for Special Projects of Mining University Vladimir Trushko, scientific research in the field of improving the profitability of natural resource extraction in Western Siberia, including in the Arctic shelf and the mainland of the Arctic Circle is one of the strategic activities of the university. Its scientists, for example, work on creating ice-resistant mini-platforms or islands operated in automatic unmanned mode; construction materials that reduce the cost of building new infrastructure in the Far North and simultaneously increase its reliability, and several other specialized projects.