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Scientist Career Stages Explained to Mining University Students

© Форпост Северо-Запад

A seminar for the monitors of study groups took place at Mining University. In the course of the seminar, its participants learned about the prospects for integrating students into the university’s research teams. As it turned out, one can become a young scientist already in the first year.

Marat Rudakov, the vice-rector for postgraduate and doctoral studies, opened the meeting. He spoke about the strategic directions of scientific research taking place at the oldest technical university in Russia. These include hydrogen power engineering, decarbonization, increasing the energy efficiency of enterprises, and many other studies aimed at the sustainable development of mineral resources and fuel and energy complexes.

Deputy Vice-Rector for Research and Development Alyona Martemyanova said that the main purpose of the presentation of scientific and educational programs is to attract young people to the research activities and the formation of personnel reserve for further admission to graduate school. In addition, during the seminar, were presented in detail scientific programs that are implemented for students: “Assistant Scientist”, “Young Researcher” and “Research Engineer”.

"The basic step in student science is the Assistant Scientist program. Any student, starting from the first year, can take part in it. It starts with the preparation of a calendar plan, which itemizes not only the scientific activity itself but also the need to achieve results in the form of publication of articles or theses, as well as participation in competitions and conferences. At the end of each semester, the best guys are awarded. Traditionally, junior students are engaged in research under the guidance of professors of the faculty of Humanities and Sciences. As soon as they have special subjects in their schedule, the leading professors and assistant professors at the relevant departments become their curators,” said Alena Martemyanova.

© Форпост Северо-Запад

From the number of research assistants, there is further selection for the “Young Researcher” program. It involves the most successful students in the scientific teams headed by the leading scientists of the university.

The next step is the status of “Researcher Engineer,” which can be taken by the 5th year students of the Specialist’s degree program, who seriously plan to pursue a career as a scientist. The program enables them to integrate immediately after graduation into one of the scientific centres of Mining University and start working on a dissertation even before entering postgraduate school. This, as practice shows, improves the quality and depth of their dissertations.

Deputy deans of faculties also attended the seminar. They told the young people about the prospects of participation in the main scientific events of the university. In particular, about the traditional conferences “Mineral Resources of Russia and their Development” and “Topical Issues of Subsoil Use”, various competitions and Olympiads.