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Histories of Success

China imposed a ban on coal exports from Australia late last year. Canada, the US, Russia, and Indonesia expressed their interest to replace its market share. Yet, it was Mongolia that became the leader of the race. The vice president of one of the country’s largest mining companies, MAK, spoke on where the profits from coal sales would go to.
Working in the Far North or in an office in St. Petersburg? Onshore or offshore field? On the staff of a foreign or Russian company? The mineral and raw materials complex of Russia provides differentiated scenarios of career development for core specialists. Viktor Feller, a graduate of St. Petersburg Mining University, has had time to work on various projects and today holds the position of Chief Expert of Offshore Projects Expertise Department at PAO Gazprom.
Maxim Vorona, a graduate of Mining University, now a top manager at MIBRAG Consulting, part of the Germany-based coal producer MIBRAG, talks on business transformation amid the transition to a low-carbon economy.
горный университет
In 2017, Rosneft adopted a five-year development strategy for its business. Among the tasks are to reduce well construction costs by 10%, increase the flow rate of new wells by 5%, and increase the efficiency of well workover crews by 20%. The target date of 2022 is inexorably approaching.
When one speaks of relations between our country and Vietnam, the first thing that comes to mind is the Vietnam War, during which Moscow provided considerable support to the young republic. However, the ties are not limited to the events of fifty years ago.
Hydrocarbon production accounts for 88% of Angola’s GDP. The country ranks second in oil reserves in sub-Saharan Africa, falling behind Nigeria only, and third in gas reserves, with Nigeria and Mozambique ahead. However, the Republic of Angola halted the production of natural gas in 2015.
21,000 tons of oil products in Norilsk, most of which found their way into the waters of northern rivers. Pollution of the ocean and the death of marine fauna in Kamchatka, one of the causes of which was named the Kozelsk pesticide landfill. And, of course, Usolye-Sibirskoye, where the bankrupt Usoliekhimprom poses a danger to the entire Irkutsk Region. Here mercury concentration exceeded the maximum permissible level in wastewater by 34 thousand times and in the air by 367 times.
Some time later, the Belarusian BELAZ Company also announced the creation of robotic dump trucks. They were sent to the Chernogorsky coal mine in the Republic of Khakassia, where the SUEK Company operates.
In 2020, for the first time in Finnish history, a mass explosion was carried out without the use of TNT and dynamite. It was loaded exclusively with Russian-made cartridges and detonators. The head of the department for new projects at Azot-Blast, the largest company in Russia and the CIS for the production of drilling and blasting agents, talked about what radical changes have taken place in the industry and how to build a successful career today.
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A second skyscraper may appear opposite Moscow Victory Park, just 2 meters lower than Lakhta Center. The proposal has provoked heated discussions among experts on the safety of the construction for the surrounding area. The investors of the project are business structures that own shares in the hotels Russia, Vyborzhets, and the Baltiets resort. They ask KGA to issue permission for changing construction limits on Chernyshevsky Square.