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Karin Kneissl, the head of the G.O.R.K.I. Center at SPbSU, who served as the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Austria from 2017 to 2019, gave an assembly lecture “Permanent Sovereignty over Resources: The Creation of OPEC” at the St. Petersburg Empress Catherine II Mining University. Rector Vladimir Litvinenko, introducing the guest to the audience, called her “a person who was not afraid to challenge the ideology that has become dominant in the European Union in recent years”.
систем электрик
The company is also planning to take part in the implementation of a pilot project to modernize the country’s higher education system, which is currently being implemented in Russia’s first technical university.
A plant for the production of environmentally friendly hydrogen, which was being built near the German town of Heide, will not be put into operation. All work there has been permanently halted. This was announced last week, three years after the creation of the alliance ”H2 West Coast”, which was to realise this project, by its initiators from France, Denmark and Germany.
Горный университет
Scientists of Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University have received a patent for a fundamentally new device to reduce residual stresses. This projectile will reduce the number of pipeline defects and, as a consequence, increase the inter-repair period of their operation.
The Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug will develop professional standards for the industry, as well as mechanisms for effective implementation of innovations at mining and processing enterprises.
On the one hand, almost all experts talk about the tremendous prospects for using the thermal energy of the Earth’s bowels, but on the other hand, no one really knows anything about it.
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The world media broke the sensational news that Washington supports the Kiev regime in connection with the presence of huge deposits of titanium in the territory of Ukraine.
Its keynote was the idea that humanity must unite to minimise the impact of technology on nature.
Another climate summit was held in Egypt, at the end of which many participants expressed their disappointment with the destructive position of the ”rich countries.” Why?
The Rector of St. Petersburg Mining University, Vladimir Litvinenko, took part in the International Forum on Energy Prospects, which was held in Ecuador