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Valeria Quiroz

Латинская Америка
On the 319th anniversary of the founding of the city on the Neva, a delegation of Ambassadors of Latin America came to the St. Petersburg Mining University on a working visit.
Ректор Дипломатической академии МИД России, чрезвычайный и полномочный посол РФ в Великобритании (2011-2019 годы) Александр Яковенко выделил основные, актуальные на сегодняшний день геополитические тренды
Горный университет
К празднику руководство вуза ввело в эксплуатацию ряд новых объектов инфраструктуры
All 11 graduate students of St. Petersburg Mining University, who worked for half a year on their research projects in Germany, have safely returned to the city on the Neva
летние школы
More than 800 students from 13 countries, about 50 thematic programs, laboratory research, field practice, and work with professional software… Another season of summer schools at St. Petersburg Mining University has come to an end. Which new features did the famous engineering university offer this year? What countries participated in the project and what impressions did they take back home with them?
Vladimir Litvinenko, a leading expert in the field of the fuel and energy complex and rector of the St. Petersburg Mining University, commented on the position of the Federal Republic of Germany on Nord Stream-2.
летние школы
More than 800 students from Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Namibia, India, China, the DNR, and 40 domestic higher education institutions that are members of the Nedra consortium received new competencies within their framework.
This will accelerate the integration of higher schools in Russia and the PRC.
At least two Asian states, Pakistan and Bangladesh, are facing power shortages due to disruptions in LNG supplies
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called on his G7 partners to lift the voluntary ban on investments in fossil fuels abroad. He explained that this measure should be ”a temporary response to the current energy crisis.”
Qatar demanded that Europe sign a long-term contract with it on LNG supplies, which will be valid for at least 20 years.
The events in Ukraine and the reaction of the collective West to them lead to some important observations.
The alarming situation with the supply of food and fertilizers as a result of U.S. and EU sanctions has broken the global market for these goods.
The lecture by the Rector of the St. Petersburg Mining University was one of the highlights of the 9th International Conference on Energy, Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development (ERESD 2022), which was held in the People’s Republic of China.
Grigory Perelman ranks ninth on the list of ”One hundred living geniuses” compiled by the British newspaper The Telegraph, and is known worldwide as a phenomenally talented mathematician. In his homeland, however, he is famous not so much for having found an original method for proving Poincaré’s hypothesis, as for having rejected a prize of one million dollars. And in the history of Russian science, this is not the first time such a situation has happened.
Queen Elizabeth II often wears a diamond tiara. She also wears a collar of pearls and diamonds. Another favourite of hers is the brooch with a cabochon-cut sapphire and a drop-shaped pearl pendant, which she wore during a state visit to Russia in 1994. From Maria Feodorovna she has also a brooch with a huge sapphire and large diamonds. One of Elisabeth II’s daughter Princess Anne’s favorite necklaces is a choker with a huge sapphire, also from Maria Feodorovna.